Welcome to China’s Leading Manufacturer of B-Scan Detector, TMR Mixer Cutter and One-piece Ear Tag

Langfang Hornta Trading Co., Ltd is an independent company if China that has specialized in manufacturing of high-quality products. These products are dedicated to helping local and international dairy farms get their hands on state of the art products that enhance the quality of their output. With experienced and qualified engineers who have served the dairy farm and husbandry industry for more than 20 years, we are determined to produce and distribute our B-scan Detectors, TMR mixer cutters and one-piece ear tags to farmers around the world.
Our products are applicable for: cows, sheep and goats, poultries, pigs, pets

Our Vision

The company has focused on producing farming products in the most cost-efficient manner. This approach has helped us provide these state of the art products at reasonable and affordable prices. In addition, our goal is to see farmers from every country increase their productivity with our high quality and affordable dairy farm products.

Public Welfare

Apart from being a leading Chinese manufacturer, our employees and Chairman of Hornta Group, Mr Gao Ruili, have never stepped back in working for the welfare of the society. In addition, Mr Gao has always guided all the employees to participate in social activities which involve spreading love, helping people and looking after each other in return for nothing more than happiness.

He believes that everyone needs to contribute a little to the community to make it a better place. He considers that even the smallest of efforts can lead to significant changes in the community. He wants that all employees working for the organization develop a clear understanding of being responsible for the community, the environment and the people around them.