Calf feeder Manufacturers

This product is of calf feeder which feeds calves with milk replacer or fresh milk automatically. This calf feeder enables calves to drink milk as it wishes. This calf feeder comes into market at the right moment as dairy industry evaluates into large scale, intensification and modernization. Calf feeder helps with dairy cow herd breeding, reducing the labor cost and increasing economic benefits. Calf feeder is among the technical innovations for healthy calf feeding and beneficial feeding under human control, solving the problem of feeding of fixed time, fixed temperature and fixed dosage. Our calf feeder, integrated with intelligent operation system, is easily and fast operated with one button.

Automation is realized through internally installed auto heating blending cleaner and cleaning valve.


 Product specification Model:A-C1 Model:A-C2 Model:A-B1T Model:A-B3T
 Material:  Stainless Steel (304)  Stainless Steel (304)  Stainless Steel (304) Stainless Steel (304)
Capacity: 350 L 200 L 150 L 350 L
  Number of teats: 16 Pieces 10 Pieces 10 Pieces 15 Pieces
Power supply: 220 V 220 V 220 V 220 V
Rated frequency 50 HZ 50 HZ 50 HZ 50 HZ
 Rated power 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W
Total height: 134 cm


134 cm


133.5 cm 143.5 cm
Barrel height: 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm
Barrel Length: 110 cm 80 cm ——— ———
Barrel width: 60 cm 50 cm ——— ———
Diameter: ——— ——— 60 cm 80 cm

The product can be used to feed calves natural milk as well as the substitute of milk. It also solves the issue of giving a fixed dosage. With calf feeder manufacturers making this amazingly smart product calves can be fed at a proper time, the perfect temperature can be maintained, and the amount of dosage can also be decided. It is designed in a manner that it makes a calf feels close to the natural way of feeding which nullifies the discomfort and rejection.

It comes with the integrated operating system that is operational at a single button press only. It is time savvy owing to its capability to feed more than one calf at a time. Calf Feeder Manufacturers have come up with a solution to the daily hassle of manually feeding calves. It even has an automated heating blending cleaner and cleaning valve making it easy to clean. There is a choice for a number of teats and litter capacity to be decided according to the need.

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