Calf Fence

>>Product introduction
Our calf fence meets the requirements of stilted feeding during colostrum and ordinary milk period. The overall frames are made of hot galvanized material. Partitions are made of PVC acid and alkali resistant fire-proof plates which are durable, easy to disinfect and clean. In the meantime, partitions exceed frames by 10cm in case of licking between calves after milking feeding and disease infection.

>> Main parts
Frames, PVC partitions, Manure ventage floor, silo racks, milk pot racks, recording card slots, etc.

>> Specifications
1.5 meters high 1.2 meters wide, and 30 centimeters off from the ground. The conventional calf fence is a fixed. Single fences or combo fences can be made.

Calf fences can be equipped with rollers to facilitate the herd transfer. Customer-specified calf fences can also be made.

>> Material

 Specifications sheet
SN Part name Commonly used materials specification  Remarks
1   frame  1inch tube 3mm Wholly hot galvanized
2 Separator PVC 12mm
3 Manure ventage floor Pure plastic 600mm*600mm
4 Turning roller Nylon


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