Calf Special Colostrum Bag

Specification: 4 L


Easy to use and reusable

Colostrum quality levels with different marks: green, yellow, red


1, Thawing of colostrum: Frozen colostrum should be thawed in a 50-60 ° C water bath, fed to calves in time after thawing, and the thawed colostrum should not be frozen again;

2, Colostrum drenching: feeding temperature around38-40 ° C;

3, Standard of drenching: calves within 1 hour of birth need 4 liters of colostrum or colostrum of 10% the body weight. Calves need feeding every 6 hours.

4, Drenching sanitation: After drenching, colostrum bag should be cleaned and dried immediately and stored

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