Cat Litter



Cat litter you can trust

  •  Features

Fast Clumping Action

Superior Odor Control

Dust Free & Low Tracking

Light weight-Up To 50% Lighter

100% Natural & Biodegradable   100%

Can be washed away by the toilet, easy clean

2:Main materials

Made with natural tofu & corn


Food grade tofu, corn starch, guar gum:

Material characteristics:

Environmental Friendly:

99% Dust Free:99%


Superb Absorbency:

Soft and Gentle on the Paws:

Easy to Scoop, Dispose and Superb Odor Control:

3: Net Content  6L (2.5KGS)/10L(8KGS)

Type Package    plastic bag 

4:  Product type

(1)Original Tofu Cat Litter

(2)Corn Cat Litter

(3) Green Tea Cat Litter

(4)Honey Peach Tofu Cat Litter

(5)Crack Tofu Cat Litter

(6)Bentonite Cat Litter

5:User Directions

  1. Clean and sanitize the litter tray, pour our bag of litter to a depth 0f 2-3cm thickness 2-3cm(Clean and disinfect the cat toilet and pour our cat litter into the cat toilet 2-3cm thick).
  2. After use by cat, you will notice the clumps. Scoop out the clumps and put to litter disposable bag.

3. You may flush the used litter in toilet, as it break up quickly after in contact with water. Otherwise, dispose in trash bin as usual.

4.In order to reduce or prevent any bacteria or infection, you should clean up any used cat litter immediately.


Seal the litter bag when not in use and store it in a humidity-free environment.

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