Cow Body Brush

Single roller multi-angle body brush


>>Product introduction

Self-cleaning with body brush reduces the dirt and parasites on dairy cows, improves the blood circulation, effectively massages the head, back and hip and ensures of the health and high productivity of dairy cows.


>>Technical parameters

China-made motor:0.1kW

Motor:4级 4 grade



Reducer type:Helical tooth hard surface reducer

Body brush diameter:500mm

Body brush length:600mm

Body brush color:白色 White


1、Body brush rotates when cows touch the body brush and rotation angle can be set.
2、When tail is winded by the brush, the brush will roll back automatically so that tail can easily unwind.
3、Body brush is power-saving. Auto-stop time (the body brush will automatically stop rotating after cows leave the body brush) can be set between 30 and 60 seconds.

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