Cow Heat Crayon

★ Applicable: cattle

★ Uses: Monitoring heat of animals

★ Specifications: 60g / piece   24 pieces / box

★ Color: red, orange, green, blue

★ Directions for use:

Use a crayon to draw a long mark on the tail of the animal. After the animal is

mounted by other animals, the mark on the back will be rubbed, and the color

change will be observed to determine whether the animal is in heat or not.

★ Features:

☆ Made of high-quality raw materials, bright color, smooth writing

☆ Lipstick rotation, breakage avoided: Rotary open, easy to use, hands free from contamination, waste due to breaking avoided

☆ CE certified, non-toxic and non-irritating: Made of environmentally-friendly high-purity paraffin, soluble in water, easy to scrub, suitable for any animals






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