Cow Spray Cooling and Spray System

Intelligent spray cooling system

With permeating spraying, water is evenly sprayed directly onto the bodies of the dairy cows. Water drops permeate the hair and moisture the skin and then the spraying will stop. The fans will help evaporate the water on the bodies of the cow before next spraying. The evaporation of water on the cow bodies will take away the heat from the cow. In this way, heat stress of the cow can be prevented and spray cooling system helps to cool down the cows.


During the hot weather, dairy cows show signs of heat which affects their eating habits and they produce less milk. Cow spray cooling allows dairies to sprinkle cool water on the cattle to cool down. The water is sprayed over cows which permeates their hair. Cool water moisture the skin of the dairy animals. After water spraying has stopped, fans begin to blow the air. The air from the fans evaporates the extra water from cows’ bodies which results in taking away the heat from the cattle’s bodies.

It helps the cattle to eat properly and in turn make milking an easy task. This is how cow spray cooling is effective in dairy farms it is an ideal way to prevent heat stresses of the animals. The practicality of this system is undeniable, and it is also economical for the farmers. Dairy owners love the product and is gaining popularity quickly.

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