Dry and Wet Manure Separating System

Patent No.:201720664014.2

Diameter: 300mm, capacity: 65m3/h, power:7.5kW, with auto

Diameter: 300mm, capacity: 65m3/h, power:7.5kW, with microcomputer

Main machine: L:2600mm,W:650mm,H:1200mm,Total weight: 670kg

Pre-processor :
1:L:2200mm,W:1450mm,H:2150mm,Total weight: 400kg
2:L:3100mm,W:1450mm,H: 2150mm,Total weight:554kg

Pre-processor is to be equipped according to operating environment.

Working principle
Mixture in receiver is mixed well with blender. Dedicated dung pump is used to lift the liquid to pre-processor. After part of the water content is removed, the manure goes into main machine and water content is to be greatly removed by screw extractor and thus dry and wet manure are separated.

Working environment and requirement
Our system provides manual control, auto-control and intelligent control (interconnected with manure scrapper and back-flush system. Environment temperature shall be equal to or higher than 5℃. The extreme temperature is -15℃(blender works at intervals and the whole machine heat insulation shall be done). During first time start-up, dry manure or saw dust shall be filled into pre-processor. After the stuffed materials are compacted in screw extractor, the whole machine can operate. During Manure ventage should be closed. Humidity of manure can be adjusted via ventage. Water containing rate ranges from 65% to 75%. 70% to 72% water containing rate is the best.

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