Fermentation tank

Cow manure reuse for padding

一、System introduction

The organic fertilizer fermentation tank is also called the “padding producer “. The main principle is that manure is mixed and lifted to the solid-liquid separator. The separated solid manure is continuously squeezed into the fermentation drum during the second time squeezing. Under the automatic mode, the fan blows the oxygen required for fermentation in the tank. According to the different use of the material, cow bedding padding or fermented organic fertilizer, the fermentation time ranges between 8 and 24 hours. The temperature in the tank body should be kept at 55℃ to75℃. After fermentation, the bacteria and worm eggs can be eliminated by up to 99%. In the end, manure reaches 40% to 45% moisture content and can be used as padding or organic fertilizer.


二、Technical characteristics

1、Recycled manure is used for aerobic fermentation in thermostatic fermentation tank. The fermented manure can be processed into padding or organic fertilizer, achieving waste utilization and cost-efficiency.

Dimensions: L: 17m, W: 2.9m, H: 2.85m.

2、Up to 70 m3 of separated solid manure can be processed per day for padding of 3,000 mixed dairy cows.

3、The fermentation tank is made of hot-rolled steel sheet of 15mm with anti-corrosion treatment. The tank has a volume of 70 m3 and is equipped with an insulated container, providing excellent thermal insulation.

4、The fermentation tank is driven by four geared motors of 4 kW power, and supported by 8 sets of symmetrical cylindrical supports. The fermentation tank features in stability and low consumption.

5、Without any heating, the temperature inside the fermentation tank will automatically rise to 60℃ and the highest temperature can reach to 75.5℃. The control system will automatically start the fan and adjust the fermentation tank speed to prevent the temperature increasing too fast, suitable temperature range being controlled.


6、99.9% harmful pathogens and weed seeds can be killed when the temperature of 55℃to 75℃ is kept for 8 to 24 hours with only natural microbial aerobic fermentation.

7、With the temperature monitoring system, four temperature sensors are mounted to real-time monitor the temperature inside the tank, material temperature at the inlet, the material temperature in the middle position of the fermentation tank and the material temperature of the outlet.

8、Equipped with SIEMENS inverter, PLC and touch screen, automatic control system is realized via Chinese operation page and unique design procedures.

9、The control system can remotely monitor and transmit data through the ranch network and the wide area network to ensure the normal operation of the system and remote upgrade services.


三、 Functional characteristics

1、Process intelligent control: Fermentation and deodorization can realize intelligent control, less manual operation, convenient management and stable effect.

  • Efficient and uniform oxygen supply: unique internal structure and oxygen supply system ensures sufficient and even supply of oxygen during the fermentation process and ensures efficient operation of the aeration system.
  • The function is highly integrated: to achieve high integration of transportation, fermentation, oxygen supply, even-turning, monitoring, control and deodorization.
  • Automatic material loading and unloading: labor saving, easy to operate, easy to manage.
  • The fermentation product is stable: the fermentation process is intelligently controlled, and during the late stage the manure is turned over and cured to ensure the stability of the quality of the fermentation product.
  • Area saving: integration of process equipment has realized the highly integrated function and greatly saved the occupied area.
  • The construction period is short and the investment is small: traditional factory buildings are not needed; infrastructure construction is greatly reduced; the construction period can be shortened and investment can be saved.

8、No secondary pollution: The equipment is fully sealed and the internal ventilation and deodorization facilities can be used to achieve odor-free operation and ensure the environmental quality of the plant.

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