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Smart manure scrapper

Smart manure scrapper is used to automatically clean the feces and urine in hog house, cow house and poultry house with manual control, one-key intelligent control and remote control. In spite of higher one-time investment, labor cost, machine cleaning cost and fuel cost have been greatly saved. We gain customers’ recognition because of low operation cost, easy management and maintenance and fewer wear parts. We have offered 2 sets of manure scrapper for cow house of more than 250 meters long (whole chain of 550 meters). Normal chain type is limited to 120 meters. We provide customer-specified chain traction system, avoiding harm to cows due to barbs during long use.


>>Working principle

★ Two groups of manure scrappers, one group is for the main manure channel and the other is for

the subsidiary manure channel. Between the two groups is the traction driving device.


★ When the scrapper for the main manure channel is dragged by the chain, scrappers on both sides

will be opened and reach the bedding and feed wall (foundation wall in cow house) and feces and

urine will be discharged to manure pit.


★ When working in opposite direction, scrappers for main manure channel will be in zero-load status and dampers will be folded inwards, main scrappers will be tilt in opposite direction and roll back. Dampers of scrappers for subsidiary channel will be opened and feces and urine will be discharged to manure pit.


★ When manure collector returns to initial position, side scrappers will be opened again and it starts to clean the manure again.


>> Advantageous design concept


★ One-key start-up and regular maintenance. Remote control can be upgraded to dairy farm industrialized control (inform us before upgrade). Peak shifting power consumption is able to meet the requirement of power saving.

★ The scrapper types are various. The length of cow house ranges between 42 meters to 250 meters. We have provided the longest cow house of 250 meters with scrappers and single chain is 550 meters long, saving one-time investment for the customers.

★ Anti-frost function is in normal use when environment temperature is equal to or higher than -15℃.  At intervals the device is started and the scrapper moves forwards about 0.5 to 1 meters and anti-frost device returns to home position and moving distance is controlled via time or displacement. When temperature is low, the anti-frost device is started with scrapper working 24 hours in case of manure freezing.

★ Flexible driving units save money for the customers.

★ Unique design concept of double collet perfectly solves the problem of scrapper offset.

★ The turn roller is made of good steel of 45# and machined and quenched. The turn roller is equipped with pressure-resistant bearing to achieve maintenance-free operation.

★ Sliding friction is changed into rolling friction, greatly improving the working life of wear parts and enabling the low cost of replacing the wear parts. Foldable scrappers offer convenience for bedding cleaning and vehicle traffic.

★ Driving unit is of customer-specified type of foreign technology and of stable performance.

★ Manure ventage can be made according to customer’s requirement.


★ Control system is self-developed and can be easily upgraded. Stainless cabinet offers long   working life and safety.

★ We have profession technical teams for installation and service. We provide regular telephone follow-up and onsite follow-up and 24-hour response.

★ Special tips: auto-restore program shall be equipped when cow house is more than 120 meters long to avoid accumulated dislocation errors.

★ Pause status is available with our scrapping system. When the dragging force exceeds the set maximum load, the driving motor stops. The system restarts after time delay and stops-again. After three times of starts-and-stops, alert will be given.

★ Intervals of pause function can be set. Both intervals of cleaning manure and regular manure cleaning can be set. Travels and alerts are shown on display.


>> Technical parameters


Gear motor

Gear motor: Customer-specified gear motor by our company

Gear motor: Germany SEW

Motor power: (To be defined according to cow house)

Output: 5.6 Rpm


Turn roller assembly

Size (Diameter*thickness): ¢ 285mm*70mm

Material: good quality wear-resistant cast steel of 45#, equipped with pressure-resistant bearing

Casing size (L*W*H)



Size (diameter*pitch) : ¢13mm*39mm

Material: good quality alloy steel

Weight: about 3.6-4kg/m



Size (Width): According to customer’s existing design requirement

Height: 21cm

Travel speed: 1-4.5m/min adjustable



Group control is available for remote control of central console and video monitor (available when upgraded), reducing the load of transformer. Control time can be set on the condition that customers purchase control system, network and server.


Many farm owners rely on the manure scrapper for the fast and easy scrapping of manure. Manure scrapper suppliers provide a scrapper that can be used to clean faeces and urine off the hog house, poultry house, and cow house. It has a one-key control along with the remote control. It saves the trouble of maintaining labor and paying them frequently as it is a one-time investment. The system features pause status as well, and it gives alerts when the maximum load exceeds.

The product also deals with the manure freezing during winter with its anti-frost function. The anti-frost device incorporated in the scrapper starts working in low temperatures, and it keeps the scrapper in action for 24-hours to avoid the droppings from freezing. The modern double collet design avoids scrapper offset and self-developed control system is upgraded easily. The manure scrapper suppliers make manure ventage according to the requirements of customers.

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