TMR Feed Mixer

Product model: Fixed TMR Feed Mixer, Tractor Trailed TMR Feed Mixer, Mini TMR Feed Mixer. The capacity of our standard is 5/7/9/12/14/16/18/20/24m³ , customer’s design is accepted.


Product features:

一、Imported “Planetary” reducer

The speed reducer is the heart of the TMR feed mixer. It is equipped with the same type reducer as the Storti, Tulip, and the quality is guaranteed.

After 6 years of operation, the practice proves zero failure operation of our reducer.


  • Auger

1、 The auger is the stomach digestive system of the TMR feed mixer and is the main component which affects the function of TMR feed mixer.


2、Based on the mechanical principle and with  our experience and practice of operation for nearly 10 years, we have designed the auger structure with the best turning andmixting effect.


3、The pagoda-type structure makes the material flip to create a boiling effect and turning and flipping is more effective.

4、Auger is made of cone (16 Mn) CNC forming with gradual spiral structure which ensures the material flips up and the turning is smoother.

5、High strength: Q345B high strength wear resistant steel plate.

6、Precision seamless welding ensures the overall structural strength of the auger




三、 Cutting blade


The cutting blade is the tooth of the TMR feed mixer and is the main component for verifying the cutting effect of the equipment.


☆ The blade is manufactured by forging, quenching, cutting, tempering, sharpening and other processes.

☆ The cutting blade is 65Mn steel, 8MM thick, with hardness 55-58 of knife edge. THE cutting blade is of good hardness, toughness and abrasive resistance.

☆ It is widely equipped to various animal husbandry equipments such as TMR and material taking machines..


四、Box and base

☆ The box and base are the bones of the TMR feed mixer and are the main components ensuring the overall stability of the equipment.

☆ The thickness of the box is 8mm, the thickness of the base is 16mm, and the material is high quality Q235B alloy steel.

☆ The box and base are sturdy, wear-resistant and precisely welded and the overall structure is stable.


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